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production manager

description of job(Job Descriptions):
1, full control, personnel management and coordination of the production activities of the production sector;
2, issued production planning and tasks, job scheduling and controlling production schedule;
3, tracking production, product demand, the production process, the output value of goals, time and production goals;
4, in a timely manner to respond to abnormal production, identify problems and timely tracking and reasonable suggestions;
5, involved in raising production efficiency and improve product quality and implementation of action plans;
6, monitoring methods and standards to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the production site;
7, responsible for staff management, training and development.

Job Requirements(Job Requirements):
1, there is good leadership and organizational skills, communication skills, ability to execute, etc;
2, more than three years of manufacturing companies site management experience, in charge of production experience is preferred;
3, with a strong quality management, process optimization, co-ordinate and organize communication and coordination ability, good ability to analyze and solve problems;


Warehouse (Logistics) in charge

description of job(Job Descriptions):
1. responsible for the supervision, supervision of a librarian to make goods, warehousing signed acceptance procedures, and the establishment of feed materials, storage, distribution ledger, accounts management work to do to ensure that account, cards, goods, cargo tally accurate
2. supervise the work of all warehouse 5S regularly organize the implementation of hygiene work to ensure inventory clean, tidy
3. The department is responsible for the daily management of the warehouse;
4. supervision, organization of the department's fire safety
5. Ensure that the forklift driver in strict compliance with the rules and operations, and promptly correct the non-compliant behavior
6. The person responsible for the warehouse management, personnel training, working conditions incentives;
7. be responsible for warehousing cost control, control Dailiao scrap;

Job Requirements(Job Requirements):
1, college degree or above;
2, 3 - 5 years working experience in warehouse management;
3, familiar with the logistics warehouse management and business process management, process management has a wealth of skills;
4, with wood products warehouse management experience is preferred;
5, have good inter-departmental communication and coordination skills;


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