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Want to buy mobile phone network electricity supplier no rea

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April 16 news: the new "Consumer Law" full moon, seven days no reason to return shopping network caused widespread concern of consumers. However, City Consumer Protection Committee has found that in the last month of the complaint handling process, part of the business in the course of providing any "threshold", so hard to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
Mr. Zhang said that consumer complaints to the Consumer Protection Committee, in his March 18 this year in a well-known site electricity supplier bought a HTC phone, after March 25 received the goods, was found not suitable for their own use will immediately contact the site customer demands the return, but the other side to open the packaging grounds required to charge a 10% fee. Coincidentally, Ms. Liu on March 25 at a site to buy a large hard disk, March 27 arrival, but she found that hard and does not match their computers unusable. Contact customer service at the site proposed return requirements, the person should be charged a 10% depreciation. After the Consumer Protection Committee mediation, complaints related to the final has been resolved.
Reporters learned from the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, suffered a similar return "threshold" of consumer complaints in the new "Consumer Law" month more concentrated. "Do not unpack how can find goods in question?" There are consumers are questioned. Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant person in charge that the new "Consumer Law" clearly the net purchase on the 7th no reason to return the relevant provisions of the law clearly outside of goods, businesses should identify the nature of goods return, claim must be confirmed at the time of purchase by the consumer . Except as expressly provided in the law, the return of goods should be in good condition, is limited to the product itself, the packaging of goods, due to the need to use visual inspection, the business requirements "unopened", "depreciation charge" and certainly no reason for consumers to exercise return set up a "threshold" for added consumer rights difficult.
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