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Discussion of wooden packaging plant Changzhou common proble

release time:2016/08/05 Traffic:
Thirty years of reform and opening up, China's logistics industry has achieved unprecedented development, wooden crates application in the industry are increasingly being used, but at the same time, the domestic box packaging plant there are many problems, such as:
1, China's logistics infrastructure behind. China's logistics infrastructure and equipment conditions and development requirements of the wooden packaging plant there is a certain gap. China has initially formed by the terms of railways, highways, waterways, civil aviation and pipelines in five different modes of transport system consisting of transport, infrastructure, technical equipment, management, transportation and other markets have achieved great development, but can not meet the wood box factory development needs.
2, the management system is incomplete. Because in our system does not straighten out, the division of labor between the various departments cross, resulting in the presence of the logistics industry management department segmentation, redundant construction and other issues.
3, supply chain management technology is not yet mature. China's supply chain management technology is not yet mature, less able organizational change management, as well as the entire logistics infrastructure is backward, smaller customers. Development of wood crates plant to be developed in the highly developed and third-party logistics outsourcing based on the extremely popular.
4, the low degree of information logistics. Information is the logistics of the soul, and powerful logistics information network is a prerequisite wooden box factory. Use of information network technology can control all aspects of the logistics supply chain, the most effective integration of the country's logistics resources, improve the efficiency of logistics operations, reduce logistics costs. Currently due to the immaturity of information technology, high investment costs and other issues so that a low degree of information, the lack of supply chain enables all companies and third-party logistics enterprise information sharing common information platform.
5, the lack of modern logistics personnel. Competition between the logistics industry, not only have advanced technology and abundant capital, also have a number of high-quality logistics personnel. Logistics requirements wooden crates plant development not only have basic knowledge of logistics personnel and wealth of practical experience, but also have IT, human resource management, technology integration of a full range of knowledge and skills.
These are the wooden packaging plant widespread in the hope that the major manufacturers can actively improve and update their products, adapt to the mainstream of society.
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