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Development of Tongcheng biodegradable plastic food packagin

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China's plastic packaging production is time consuming, and a considerable part of disposable plastic material, it is difficult to recycle, causing serious pollution to the environment. For the management of plastic waste on the environment caused by pollution of ecological, biodegradable plastic emerged and become one of the hot topics of world attention. The main material is plastic packaging food packaging, biodegradable plastics research on the development of the food packaging industry is of great significance.
Degradable plastics can be broad prospects for development
  Currently plastic applications more widely, from agriculture, industry and daily aspects, everywhere, for human life provides enough convenient, but the longer ordinary plastic degradation time, there is news that ordinary plastic degradation need 200--300 years there white pollution, ecological destruction and other issues. And to solve this problem, biodegradable plastics came into being.
  Biodegradable plastic refers to materials added in the production process a certain amount of an additive (e.g. starch, modified starch or other cellulosic, photosensitizer, biodegradation, etc.), stability decreases, the more readily degradable in the natural environment of the plastic.
  Degradable plastics market price is 2-3 times that of ordinary plastic products, if successful sale, the profit level of 10%, while the average profit levels in plastic 1% -3%.
  Despite the high level of profits, but sales of biodegradable plastic is currently greater resistance, the first is the high cost of funds used large, poor downstream business acceptance; second, biodegradable plastics have a certain shelf life, if enterprises sales are sluggish, the larger the risk of loss of business. The main source of the problem is the high cost, market acceptance is not strong.
  Biodegradable plastics are currently still in the promotion stage, the extent of the market is not high. At the national mandatory requirements of the industry, such as food and beverage industry, disposable cups, lunch boxes, plastic cutlery and other household products, biodegradable plastic used in a proportion of relatively higher and lower industry and agriculture, biodegradable plastics usage . In the long run, domestic awareness of environmental protection, the use of biodegradable plastics in the field of broadening; increased foreign demand for environmentally friendly materials, degradable plastics increased exports; domestic biodegradable plastic production technology matures, costs decreased to an acceptable downstream range; with the maturity with various conditions, biodegradable plastics is still relatively broad prospects for development.
  Biodegradable plastic packaging of foreign Development
  It is reported that the developed countries and regions in Europe, America, Japan, etc. have been developed and introduced the relevant laws and regulations, by locally banned, restricted, mandatory measures to collect taxes and pollution charges and other non-biodegradable plastics limit the use of biodegradable develop new materials to protect the environment, protect the soil. That is where the French in 2005 introduced the policy states: All carry disposable bags after 2010 must be biodegradable. Cameroon now joined the camp, showing a non-environmentally friendly packaging materials will continue to run into a wall in the future development of the market. Correspondingly, environment-friendly packaging materials will usher in a golden period of development.
  During the World Cup in Germany, walking the streets, either by car or balconies are flags, wreaths, etc., a new dress. However, after the game, these fans supplies for decoration will face what destiny? Perhaps out of flowers? Fans commonly used flags and other items usually plastic, difficult to degrade or recycled, some even toxic, to be thrown away after use undoubtedly will pollute the environment. Several students of Applied Sciences and Arts in Germany recently proposed the use of biodegradable materials and the fans supplies, and in which the "hidden mystery."
  According to reports, biodegradable material component comprises palm leaves, water, corn starch, sugar, etc., and hidden in one of the "mystery" was hollyhock, nasturtium flowers and other seeds. Articles made therefrom after being dropped Biodegradable in six weeks and the formation of humus into nutrients for the growth of flowers. Flower seeds can be chosen according to the color of the national flag, for example, the German fans supplies "change" points out flowers naturally black, red, and yellow. Applied Sciences and Arts said that the chief environmental and creativity in one of the fans can already supplies to the market, but have yet to find the right producers and distributors.
  European beverage and food packaging materials industry is one of the most significant energy resources and waste industry, the annual demand for packaging materials production reached 67 million tons, consumption of energy resources do not say, most packaging materials pose a serious threat to the ecological environment. The modern fruit juice processing industry wastewater emissions, the rich high proportion of fermentable sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and maltose. Fermentable sugars accounted for more than 70% of the wastewater concentration of organic matter, it is the ideal inexpensive biodegradable polymer (PHB) raw material resources.
  PHBOTTLE R & D team has successfully developed biopolymer beverage bottles or food packaging materials, its superior characteristics such as mechanical strength, easy to scale processing, resistance to moisture exposure insoluble etc. and resistance to steam and water, has been repeatedly test verification, further comprising food and beverage stability during storage of new food packaging materials, and safety and quality. To be sure that the biodegradable polymer is the world's most perfect beverage and food packaging materials.
  PHBOTTLE R & D team of scientists believe that the collection of biological polymers cheap raw material resources, reduce emissions of organic pollutants in waste water, reduce energy and resource consumption, reduce greenhouse gas effect and enhance their economic and social benefits of the "one" Innovative Technology and production technology, will further promote the sustainable development of the EU and the global green economy. Currently, the R & D team doing other potential applications of new materials, mainly focused on the development and application of cosmetics and auto parts.
  In renewable and biodegradable trend, driven by the global packaging market demand for biodegradable plastics will reach 9.45 million tons in 2023, an average annual compound growth rate of 33%. Biodegradable plastic packaging market is huge, and food packaging demand has accounted for biodegradable plastic packaging market share of more than 70%, meaning one can imagine.
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