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ORG: two-dimensional code business hand Quanjude, smart pack

release time:2016/08/05 Traffic:
ORG recently with Quanjude, a subsidiary of Beijing Quanjude Fangshan Food Co., Ltd. signed a two-dimensional code endowed processing contract, the company will provide the outside of the package variable Quanjude two-dimensional code processing services, and the use of two-dimensional code to achieve Quanjude products security check and network marketing promotional features.
Quanjude is a famous Chinese old, founded in 1864, 1999 by SAIC as "Famous Trademark", is China's first case of service class Chinese well-known trademarks. Quanjude dishes through constant innovation and development, and formed a unique Quanjude roast duck as a leader, "the whole duck seats" and more than 400 channel specialties in one of the Quanjude cuisine, much of the heads of state, government officials, community and domestic foreign tourists love, known as "the first to eat." As truly a "first Chinese roast duck shop", after three centuries of sharpening, Quanjude has been developed to have 109 stores, the annual reception of well-known brands of nearly 20 million customers.
The ORG Quanjude Fangshan Food and signed a two-dimensional code endowed processing contract, the company is a major breakthrough in smart packaging business promotion strategy. The company is committed to the development of intelligent packaging business since 2014, seeks to promote the expansion of the functionality of packaging products and content creation through packaging. The company recently to promote smart packaging process significantly faster and, at the end of June and the joint venture Beijing Branch Jin Choi Jin Choi ORG Media Technology Co., Ltd., we believe that the combination will be the company's future in the mobile Internet marketing, financial services, data services and other areas of open space.
We believe that the overall trend in the packaging industry, the ORG choose smart packaging as an important strategic layout is wise. In the company's overall downstream customers (mainly food and beverage) industry is highly competitive, profit pressure environment, continue to explore the functional aspects of packaging development space for the company to increase customer loyalty, share of great benefit to compete for customers. According to dig through big data, as the basis for the construction of traffic analysis and data analysis platform to expand its service chain based on consumer characteristics and consumption habits, downstream customers for the company to provide accurate production and marketing of reference will be to a large extent on improving the company's value for downstream customers. The most natural packaging as the user data entry, ORG has been at the forefront of the industry!
The current market value of the corresponding 2016 diluted 2017 PE, respectively 19 and 14 times, taking into account traditional customer growth bottomed out and will force the company's future in the field of new packaging, we expect the next three years is expected to achieve 30% the composite earnings growth, given the company's current valuation is at the bottom of history, the second half performance is expected to usher in big turning point, we believe that the value of the company has been seriously underestimated, the firm maintained a "buy" rating.
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