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Hebei food vacuum bag manufacturers reform-minded among the

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With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly focused on issues of food safety and hygiene, and food packaging as an important means to ensure food safety and hygiene has been more widely appreciated. Food packaging should pay attention to the following aspects:
    First, understand the characteristics of the food itself and the protection of the required conditions should study the impact of the main ingredient in food, especially on sensitive factors of fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, including light, oxygen, temperature, microbiological and physics, mechanics factors other aspects. Only with the packaged food biology, chemistry, physics characteristics and sensitivities to determine the conditions for the protection of their requirements, in order to determine the choice of what kind of packaging.
    Second, the properties of packaging and packaging materials and master the scope and conditions of a wide range of packaging materials, performance varied. Therefore, only the understanding of a variety of packaging materials and containers of packaging performance, according to the protective requirements of packaged food choice can protect the food flavor and quality, but also the body with its commodity value, reasonable and comprehensive packaged as packaging material. For example, you need the high-temperature sterilization of food packaging materials should be used in high temperature, low temperature and low temperature should be used frozen food packaging materials.
    Third, master the method of packaging technology for a given food, in addition to the need to select the appropriate packaging and containers, we must also adopt the most appropriate method of packaging technology. The same kind of food can often use different methods of packaging technology to achieve the same or similar packaging requirements and effectiveness. For example, easily oxidized foods can be vacuum or inflatable packaging, may also be enclosed deoxidizer
package. But sometimes in order to achieve the required effect and setting, it must be specific packaging technology. Selection of packaging materials is closely related to the choice of packaging technology, but also closely related with the packaged food market positioning factors.
    Fourth, market positioning and market positioning research to understand the circulation of goods and merchandise regional conditions, transport and climatic and geographic conditions of the circulation area and other factors must be considered food packaging design. Domestic sales of goods in different countries and export-oriented goods packaging and decoration requirements vary, different modes of transport protective packaging requirements are not the same. Food packaging and
Made crucial changes, climatic conditions of commodity circulation areas, because the temperature of the chemical changes within the food ingredients, food microbiology and its packaging material barrier itself has a great impact.
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